Saturday, June 25, 2016

Christian Says What!?!

While driving through the country with his Grandma Jill where the houses are far apart...
C: "Grandma, go faster!"
G: "I am going fast."
C: "But the houses aren't going by fast enough!"

While at his Grandma Jill's house, Christian noticed a yoga ball in her closet...
C: "Grandma, are you going to have a baby?"
G: "No....why?"
C: "You have a ball in your closet just like mommy's" 
(And mommy bounced on that ball a lot while she was pregnant)

While sitting on the couch one morning as I was trying to get a show started...
C: "Does Baxter believe in Jesus?"
M: "Sure"
C: "Does Braxton does?"
M: "He does!"
C: "Jack and Judd? Juddy?"
M: "They do!"
C: "Their daddy does?"
M: "He does"
C: "Does my daddy believe in Jesus?"
M: "He most definitely does!"
C: "What about the pillows?"
M: "The pillows don't. They don't know how to believe in Jesus. Do you believe in Jesus?"
C: "Yep!"

While laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep...
C: "Mama, can we do chap snats?" 
(Snap chat)

After going to the Twins game with daddy....
C: "Mama! The baseball throwers didn't throw a ball into my glove!"

While playing at the park, a little boy fell while climbing up the ladder and his mom freaked out, yelling at him saying, "Did you break your damn arm!?" I had Christian leave the area and find a new place to play, but while we were eating lunch at the park...
C: "That kid broke his damn arm, mom." 
Great. Just great. Although he did mispronounce damn at least...And we haven't heard it since!

We were headed outside for Christian to ride his bike. I get out to the garage and there he is -- 
just in underwear with his shirt on backwards and Jim's tennis shoes. I wish I had gotten a picture!

While playing stickers on day 1 of potty training...
C: "I'll be right back guys!"
M: "Do you have to go potty?"
C: "I do!"

While putting Christian to bed -- he wouldn't lay still and try to sleep...
M: "You need to lay still and close your eyes and try to sleep or I'm going to leave"
C: *After growling at me* "I'm frustrated with you!"

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Braxton Allen {4 Months Old}

Little man! How are you already 4 months old!?!

You now weigh 15 pounds 15 ounces (62%) and are 24.5 inches long(10-25%).

Your head circumference is 17.52 inches (90-95%).

You are mainly in 3-6 month/6 month clothes but are still wearing 3 month jammies and a few 3 month shorts.

You just recently started on size 3 diapers. You were just doing size 3 for overnight, but then you started having a lot of blow outs with size 2 so we went up to the last few days, though, you've still been having a lot of blow outs!

You LOVE to chew on your hands and I've even noticed you find your thumb a few times and you will suck away on it! Mommy hopes you aren't a thumb sucker!

Bedtime is usually between 7:30/8:30pm. Sometimes you will wake up for a quick feeding around 10/10:30pm and then are back out until 4/5am. Otherwise you are up around 1/2am and then 4/5am. You've been getting back to more consistently waking only once a night. Yay!! So thankful for the magic sleepsuit which has so far saved us from the every hour wakings and a smooth transition out of the swaddle!

You pretty consistently wake up to start the day around 7:30am, but a few times you have slept until 9am! 

You are still sleeping in your pack n play in mommy and daddy's room at night, but you nap in your crib in your shared room with Big Brother.

I think you are getting closer to a schedule, but I said the same thing about Christian at this age, and it never proved true!

You do have a routine, though. 

Awake around 7:30am -- nurse
1.5-2 hours later you will nap for 45 minutes - 2 hours
Awake for 1.5-2 hours
Nap for 45 minutes -2 hours
Awake for 1.5-2 hours
Nap for 30 minutes 
Maybe take a cat nap between 4 and 6pm sometime
Nurse and to bed by 7:30pm

-Chewing on your hands
-Sucking your thumb!?
-"Playing" with big brother
-Blowing raspberries
-Looking at yourself in the mirror
-Playing with toys
-Grabbing toys on your play mat
-Riding like a big boy in your stroller
-Your magic sleepsuit (you always put yourself to sleep unless you are over tired)
-Playing in your jumperoo
-Hobbly Horse

-Having to burp/gas
-Poopy diapers
-Being tired
-Kisses from Baxter

-Found your toes
-Started giggling
-1st time swimming
-1st time in the outdoor swing
-Met Grandma Karen

-Brax man
-Chunky man
-Smiley Boy
-Baby boy

Trying to grab those toes while sitting up!

Checking out your toes!

Hmmm...what is this sitting next to me!?

I think I'll just eat this bear up!

::Pictures From the Past Month::

Getting naked at Big Brother's swim lessons because it's so hot at the pool!

First time swinging!

Playing with your toys...mainly your favorite ball!

Always making faces!

Christian's 3rd Birthday "Pawty" -- Paw Patrol!

"The Lookout" Cake

The food table

Somehow I never got any pictures of the bouncy house!

Present time!

I think its safe to say Christian had a blast! I planned to party and sent out invites when he was still napping...and of course he didn't nap and the party was at 4pm. At one point during the party he actually went and crawled into bed! Luckily, he made it the whole party and didn't fall asleep, but it was an easy bedtime! I can't believe we officially have a 3 year old!
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